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Time to go long oil? Patience, we’re getting there.

I’ve been thinking about oil this week for a number of reasons. We had the threats against oil shorts from the Saudis, suggesting they are looking at cutting oil. The US continues to drain its strategic petroleum reserve, and there … Continue reading

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Flight to Mega-Cap Stocks Continues

The S&P 500 has been consolidating in a fairly tight range between 4100 and 4200 since the beginning of April. Here’s the equal weight S&P 500, ticker RSP. This looks like a descending channel, with the 50 day moving average … Continue reading

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Government Debt is Back in Focus. Should it Be?

With the debt ceiling coming up, stories of debt alarmism are shooting around like crazy. We’re back to seeing the ever-growing debt clock, along with fears of hyperinflation and questions of when foreigners will stop funding the US government by … Continue reading

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Can higher interest rates cause higher inflation?

Conventional economics often ignores the effects of debt, but at high levels it can become quite powerful. Government deficits are inflationary, and if higher interest rates are paid with higher deficits then this can spiral out of control like it … Continue reading