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Happy New Year!

It’s certainly been a rollercoaster of a year! My portfolio is down over 50% in performance terms – meaning that despite all of the money from paychecks I’ve thrown in, I actually have less than I did back in 2019. … Continue reading

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New Year’s Rally?

The patterns may be slightly different, but there are a number of end-of-year cashflows which are not usually dominant but can come into play when markets are more illiquid. These include the following: Note that I’m not calling for an … Continue reading


End of year trading

I actually attempted to buy a SPY put on the moment of Dec 13, but the price started running higher and I didn’t chase. Here’s the next possible area to get a good price on one. Aside from that I … Continue reading

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Another Look at MSOS

As you can see, I purchased at a lot of different points, trying to catch each significant drop as if it would be the last one.In hindsight it looks rather stupid, like why not just wait for an extended bottom … Continue reading

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Preparing for an end-of-year drop

Bear markets can be quite difficult with their quick and spiky gains followed by drops which can be just as quick. If you think about it, this increased volatility in both directions makes a lot of sense when liquidity is … Continue reading

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