Monthly Archives: July 2022

Recession becomes more mainstream

As the official data plugged in a 2nd quarter of negative real GDP growth, recession calls are becoming more mainstream. Note that the NBER uses a number of metrics, particularly with layoffs and such, to confirm a recession before they … Continue reading

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Too early for mining? Not for me.

We saw a decent rally in uranium miners this week. I sold some out of the money covered calls on a couple of my positions and used the proceeds to buy more SBSW. The big Fed meeting is coming next … Continue reading

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Things are breaking

My junior gold and silver mining stocks fell to lows I could never imagine, closing at $30.02 vs a 5-year low of $26.81. They were higher back in 2018, when gold was ranging around $1,280/oz vs $1,700 today. It’s like … Continue reading


Waiting for the next Fed hike

The most important thing in markets right now is the next fed hike. Here’s what the latest expectations are: July 26-27: 75 bps hike Sept 20-21: 50 bps hike Nov 1-2: possible 25 bps hike Dec 13-14: possible 25 bps … Continue reading

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Liquidity Drain

My portfolio’s down another 3.7% this week. Its actually even in value though because I put in more cash. One of the good things about having a margin account is that you can use it to buy up crazy dips, … Continue reading

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