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The Crazy Trades of a Bearish Leaning Gold Bug

It was nice to end the week with a rally, which brought my portfolio back up for a 0% gain on the week. In order to have a shot at life-changing returns, you need to concentrate on a sector and … Continue reading

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The Fed takes a big hike

Well, the Federal Reserve certainly acted quickly to that CPI report. The headline number rose by 8.6% year-on-year, when they expected it to top out at 8.3% in April. They swiftly put out an article in the Wall St Journal … Continue reading

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What’s wrong with these inflation charts?

This is a serious question actually. I just typed in a google search for “St Louis Fed CPI”, brought up the consumer price which looked like a hockey-stick inflecting around 1973, then changed it to % change year over year. … Continue reading


Well, I got covid

My first symptom of anything was a slight sore throat Wednesday evening. I woke up the next morning more tired than usual, but its a commute day so I grabbed some coffee and drove in. I ended up staying for … Continue reading

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