Monthly Archives: May 2022

Bear market rally?

Rauol Pal of Realvision suggested that this rally is being led by re-balancing of stock/bond funds, which would explain why you see inflows into stocks while Cryptocurrencies, which are not part of mutual fund flows, continue to struggle. I anticipate … Continue reading

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Tech Bear, Commodity Bull

This week I figured I’d explain my thesis of what’s going on with markets, and why I expect we’re at the early stages of a bull market in commodities despite the bust in speculative tech, downturn in stock indices, rate … Continue reading

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Liquidity is Draining from the Markets

It was a great week for the US Dollar. On the flip side, it was a terrible week for any kind of investments. Everything sold off against the dollar including all stocks, bonds, crypto, foreign currencies, and commodities. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Crazy Fed Week Buying

This week I figured it would be fun to start with my predictions from last week and how my gameplan panned out. Here is exactly what I said last week: Relief rally Monday morning from oversold lows, speculation that perhaps … Continue reading