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Moving Day

Its moving weekend for me, so I’m pretty busy right now. My mother is selling her house, basically cashing in on the enormous housing boom and we are moving to rent. We’re moving closer to family, east over the mountains … Continue reading

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Is a Soft Landing Possible? I Argue No…

I put the meme above together in Twitter this week, to illustrate something I’ve been contemplating about Federal Reserve policy. I’ve been following Jeff Snider for quite some time now, and he regularly questions the efficacy of central bank policies. … Continue reading

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The long-awaited Fed hike

Mar 15-16 is the next meeting at the Federal Reserve, where they are expected to make their first 25 bps rate hikes. How much they hike and how the market reacts will determine a lot. IMO, the fed will hike … Continue reading

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End of Cycle

I’ll start with a relative rotation graph of the major sectors. You can create one at By far, the best performer is the energy sector, XLE. Next in line you have the biggest dividend safety plays, consumer staples & … Continue reading

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