Monthly Archives: February 2022

Geopolitics & Trading

I’ll start by saying that a big part of the reason I can’t stand legacy news, like that on typical television, is that I can’t stand hollow emotional narratives. To me it just feels manipulative and divisive. The reality is … Continue reading

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Gold breakout continues as stocks struggle

It’s been an interesting week. Gold continued higher, silver started to join, but the junior miners pulled back Friday to end the week roughly flat. Meanwhile, stocks are still chopping lower. A month ago I mentioned that I really needed … Continue reading

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Another Nervous Gold Breakout

You’ve probably heard about the rough week in markets from the perspective of the tech-heavy indexes, but it’s actually been fantastic for precious metals and Uranium. I can’t help but wonder though whether that geopolitical spike we saw on Friday … Continue reading


Wild Swings in Mega Cap Stocks

The swings we’ve seen in the top stocks of the S&P 500 are truly astonishing. In just the last month, the S&P 500 went from a 4800 peak to a 4320 trough, followed by a wild bounce. It’s even more … Continue reading

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