Monthly Archives: January 2022

A Rough Week for Risk Assets

It’s been a rough week for risk assets. My portfolio is down 9.9% on the week, and 18.5% on the month. In a less ominous sign, I drove with a friend up Big Bear yesterday morning only to find the … Continue reading

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The Forest and the Trees

One crazy thing about trading stocks is that you are hyper-focused on market moves and news events day by day, while looking in on charts that go back years. It seems so easy to point out the tops in these … Continue reading

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How I see this cycle playing out

I’ve been thinking that we are likely to see a pattern in the S&P 500 similar to the top we saw in the NASDAQ in 2000. Here’s roughly how that would chart: Note that I created the above chart by … Continue reading

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Is your portfolio prepared for war?

What’s going on in Ukraine? I recently listened to the following podcast: Hidden Forces ep. 226: Why Putin Plans to Invade Ukraine… I suggest you look that up on youtube or your favorite podcast and give it a listen. The … Continue reading

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Happy New Year

I’m going to do a bit of a shorter post this week, because a lot of the holiday chop we saw doesn’t mean much in the scheme of things. Trends are created by big institutional players with regular money flows, … Continue reading

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