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Santa Claus Rally?

Bullish Case At the end of the year, you often hear about the Santa Claus rally, where stocks do seasonally well in November and December. The two most important charts on this are the ones I posted last week and … Continue reading

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I’m writing today from Minneapolis, where I had a week-long visit with my brother and a job interview. It’s interesting to consider what it would be like moving out here. I’ve lived in many parts of the country in the … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Week for my Portfolio

I’m going to have to make this week’s post short – my brother’s over with his 4 kids so breaking away to write is not easy. It’s certainly been an eventful week though, my portfolio value jumped by over 10%. … Continue reading

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Ready for an end-of-year Crypto rally?

Last week, I wrote a post on seasonality, showing the following chart for Bitcoin: As you can see, for the last 5 years Bitcoin has always gone down in September. Then it would rally strong in October. The exception was … Continue reading

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Seasonality & Charts in TLT, SPY, GDX & BTC

I’ve been thinking more about seasonality lately as we come into 4th quarter. First, it is important to think about what seasonality is telling you. At a surface glance, it’s just telling you the number of times that the underlying … Continue reading

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