Monthly Archives: September 2021

Thoughts on Evergrande, Crypto, Commodities, Rates

Here are some of my thoughts/predictions at the moment: Evergrande is not going to be the pin that pops the US giants in the S&P 500 & NASDAQ. We are at a seasonally weak time for stocks, and they could … Continue reading

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The Anti-Fundamentals Paradigm from Passive Investing

I listened to an interesting podcast with Mike Green this week about the implications of passive investing. This isn’t new, and I’ve heard some of this before, but he mentioned a number of implications I thought of and something clicked. … Continue reading

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Performance and Allocation Self-Reflection Time

The last couple of weeks have been pretty wild as far as market movements. As such, I’ve done a significant amount of trading. Meanwhile, with a labor day weekend in Ensenada, Mexico I haven’t had time to add up all … Continue reading


Crazy week for Uranium & Labor Day Weekend

I’m writing this blog from my friend’s place in Ensenada, at the beautiful Ochentos Pizza. I drove down Friday evening, had a nice relaxing weekend, and now I’m contemplating the drive up north. Last week, the spot price of Uranium … Continue reading

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