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It’s too early to taper, stocks rise on decision

On Friday, we had one of the most anticipated events in the asset markets, often more important than earnings: A policy announcement from the Federal Reserve. Ultimately, Fed Chair Powell announced that it is too early to taper bond purchases … Continue reading

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Gold and Silver Miners get Crushed

Junior Gold Miner index above, back at 2019 levels when gold was in the 1400’s. The larger gold miners in the GDX index isn’t as bad, but still fell below it’s Feb 2019 high. Junior silver miner index above, also … Continue reading


Why I find Gold’s smackdown bullish

Last Sunday, an enormous number of gold contracts were dumped on the futures market, crashing the price below 1680 before it reversed. The week prior, gold was trading over 1800. This activity may seem strange, but it is very common … Continue reading

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Feeling a bit cautious

We’re at an interesting point in the market where it could be turning but it is certainly difficult to read. Chinese tech is still under pressure while the US Nasdaq remains near all time highs. Breadth is still low, meaning … Continue reading

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