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QE, Margin Debt and Eurodollar Shortages

I’ll start with a chart on margin debt from Margin Debt and the Market: Up 2.4% in June, Continues Record Trend – dshort – Advisor Perspectives I’ve seen some tweets on Margin Debt starting to roll over, but the latest … Continue reading

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Bonds soar as Commodities struggle

It’s been a rough month for commodities in general. My last 4 weeks of performance were -10.8%, +2.9%, +0.4%, -0.9%. It looks even worse when you look at the miners: I own all of these names above, and they make … Continue reading

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Significant rally in US treasuries capped with Friday selloff

It’s been quite a week for the US Long Bond: I actually think that the TLT rally we see still has legs to it. There are a number of reasons to expect economic weakness and reduced CPI going forward including … Continue reading

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Modeling the effects of UBI

UBI, or Universal Basic Income, is a topic which has growing interest.  Some people think it is inevitable as we transition into a world where technology makes supply so abundant relative to labor that it is the only way to … Continue reading

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Big drops in precious metals

It’s been a crazy couple of weeks for precious metals. The weekly candles on the top chart still show a decent uptrend case, with gold breaking out and successfully backtesting a bull flag formation, and carving out a potential reverse … Continue reading

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