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Reassessing Crypto – time to turn Bullish?

As you could see from my previous post, I was worried about crypto for a while. I had gotten out of the space completely in April as the altcoins were beginning to skyrocket while Bitcoin was rolling over. This turned … Continue reading

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Is Crypto rolling over? Rotation to Value? Charts.

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks in the market to say the least. I’m going to go through some basic charts of the areas I’m looking at: Crypto is having a crazy week. Bitcoin looks like it’s been in … Continue reading

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Covid precautions are almost over in the US

I’m with a bunch of family in Florida right now, so I’m going to write a quick post and leave it at that. Out here you still see masks here and there but many aren’t worried about it. Nearly half … Continue reading

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I’m bullish precious metals. Time for charts.

I figured I’m focus on some charts today, starting with the most bullish – commodities: Cameco is the Uranium miner I’ve been holding, and it just broke out to new highs. I sold covered calls on it last week to … Continue reading

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Beware the false choices of mainstream narratives

We’re at a point in the market that’s difficult to read. The S&P 500 was flat all week, with intraday false breakouts on the upside and the downside. I closed out my short-dated SPY puts Friday morning for a loss … Continue reading