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SLV Setup and the AMC Aftermath

How it works, and a potential next move: Everyone’s heard of the crazy stock moves in GME, AMC, and other names by now, but most people have no idea how that works. I’m going to illustrate that with what looks … Continue reading

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AMC: Short Queeze + Gamma Squeeze

Gamestop was the previous gamma squeeze + short squeeze target and it shot up all the way from $4 in August to $98.15 today. Now it looks like the target is AMC. Notice the extremely high volume as it gapped … Continue reading

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GME, Short Squeezes, and Volatile Markets

Here’s the crazy chart of the week: Gamestop is a brick-and-mortar store that sells new and used video games and console gaming systems. The stock has been trending down since 2013, hitting a low around $3.32/share in August 2019 – … Continue reading

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Risk-off event this quarter?

This has certainly been the craziest year of my lifetime. The lockdowns, protests, endlessly spiking unemployment and huge numbers of small-buisiness bankruptcies coincide with US stock markets that march endlessly higher as any bearish momentum gets crushed. Narratives have been … Continue reading

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Crypto, Gold, Hedges, and Options

An interesting point that Raul Pal made on RealVision Friday is that asset managers finish their annual performance in Q4 and start building a new number from scratch in Q1. With US stock markets all at all-time highs, they often … Continue reading


Christmas, New Years, and Crypto Madness

My brother came up with his 4 kids between Christmas and New Years. During that time I took a few more days off work and went Kayaking, hiking a number of places, playing board games, and all that sort of … Continue reading

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