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Volatility is back!

It’s been an interesting week for trading, generally with the dollar strengthening and everything else weakening. We had a significant pullback in precious metals as well. Last week I had a number of covered calls expire on my gold miners, … Continue reading

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Bitcoin, Precious Metals, and the Store of Value Trade

I. Background. How not to think of bitcoin. When you get into the store of value trade – including both precious metals and bitcoin – you hear a lot of crazy ideas. Just think of this as noise … the … Continue reading

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Patience is not easy

“Don’t just do something, stand there!!!” The quote above was from one of the books on investing I read – I forget which one. It’s a memorable quote and it helps remind me that when I have a game plan, … Continue reading

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De-risking the portfolio

I think that the financial markets in general will have heightened risk until after the election. September and October are typically volatile months anyway, and this election will have a lot on the table including the size and direction of … Continue reading


Labor Day Weekend

My mother and I got a hotel in Carlsbad this weekend. If I cross the street and go down the stairs, I’m on the beach. We’ll probably see plenty of sensational journalism about crowding and such, but it’s really not … Continue reading