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Is the market topping?

I wonder if markets are finally ready to top… 1. The Fed doesn’t want to do anything major before the election so they aren’t accused of taking sides.  2. It seems increasingly unlikely that any pre-election stimulus will pass. This … Continue reading

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What Causes Inflation?

I have often said that significant inflation in the US typically takes a war for the following reasons: Demand increase as many people receive money without producing economic goods in order to build munitions and fight the war. Demand increase … Continue reading

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Our Economic Models are broken, and We can fix them

We often hear our politicians and central bankers bring out their economic models. Is there going to be inflation or deflation? Recession or not? What policy approach should we take? The prediction rates are generally lousy, and their approaches don’t … Continue reading

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Plans to make my stance more bullish, with an eye on bond yields

I’d been nervous about my Tesla put for a while. Last night I listened to an interesting interview from someone who’s been short the stock for a while here: A couple interesting things. First, he expects that it’ll probably … Continue reading

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Risk-on, and a solid week for Silver

I just got back from vacation yesterday and it was really nice. 2 nights in King’s Canyon/Sequoia and 2 nights in Yosemite. There were not many people around, all dining was outdoors only, and all the hikers (including us) had … Continue reading

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Vacation update – bitcoin and such

I’m on vacation this weekend, writing this from a cabin in King’s Canyon national park. After this I’ll see Sequoia right next door, then drive off to Yosemite and stay a couple nights, then I’ll be back home Thursday evening. … Continue reading

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