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My trading scorecard: decisions traced through the pandemic

I’ve been logging my various account values for long enough to get a rough scorecard together on how I’ve been trading through this crazy pandemic. The calculation is simple … % returns for a period = (final balance)/(initial balance + … Continue reading

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Tesla and the NASDAQ – blow off top?

As you know, I purchased a $900 January put in Tesla last week, figuring that odds were they wouldn’t squeeze out a net profit on earnings and their stock could correct hard if their eligibility to join the S&P 500 … Continue reading

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Tesla Update

Well, I can fairly say the Tesla trade blew up on me – the option I purchased is down nearly 50% so far. Now I’m not entirely sure how to play it. Excerpt from this article: “If the index’s … Continue reading


I actually did it… I’m short TSLA

We’re certainly in one of the strangest markets ever. Tesla Motors is valued higher than the entire US Auto sector plus Toyota. Elon Musk is now worth more than Warren Buffet. Meanwhile, we’re getting closer to a cold-war status with … Continue reading

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Valuation does not drive stock prices

I found these charts interesting, showing the performance of the 5 biggest stocks and then the performance of the rest of the NYSE stocks without those 5. It’s fascinating how different these charts are, and it has a lot … Continue reading

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The treasury balance sheet and the election cycle

I’m going to start with the charts. US Treasury General Account: Federal Reserve Total Assets: I’ve been focusing a lot on the balance sheet of the federal reserve, wondering how long the stock market can hold up when … Continue reading

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Avoiding the Bull vs Bear scuffle with Momentum Investing

Intro: my own journey through the financial news world I have been a Real Vision ( subscriber since they first started low-cost subscriptions for ordinary people like me. It’s interesting how the world of financial media develops … when I … Continue reading

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