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SPY, IWM, GLD, SLV, and options trading.

Today’s market is filled more than ever with irrelevant distractions. General news has taken a more negative tone … covid cases rising, piecemeal re-introduction of shutdowns, pulling back on the re-opening cycle. It is tempting to get excited with bearish … Continue reading

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6-25 mid week strategy update

Stocks went up a lot compared to bonds this quarter, so mutual fund re-balancing should provide selling pressure this week and next. There’s also entities playing off that, selling before and buying back after. Yesterday’s real-vision report reminded me of … Continue reading

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Time for defense

There are two charts which I found particularly interesting as far as what’s going on in the markets today. Chart source: The above chart shows that the fed isn’t actively purchasing assets right now. This is important because when … Continue reading


Have we reached a near-term top in the Russell 2000?

It’s possible that we hit a near-term top in the Russell 2000, but it could just as easily bounce back at the previous resistance and continue out the month higher. After all, the professional fund managers haven’t enjoyed many of … Continue reading

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Time to review my positions

Today I listened to a bullish take on the stock markets and the economy, and it got me thinking that I should review my positions and risks and decide whether they still make sense. Here’s the snapshot from my June … Continue reading


I guess I’m fully invested. Time to reflect on how markets work, what I’m doing, and why.

It’s certainly been an exciting week in the stock markets, with a major risk-on rally leading up to and in to the Friday payrolls report. I bought a couple more puts in the Russell 2000 (IWM) is it hit new … Continue reading

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