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Markets likely to rise thru June and struggle in July

I read a lot about markets, trying to get a number of views into perspective. This one seemed particularly interesting: “as quarterly statement time gets closer and money managers have to justify their jobs, the odds of the pros moving … Continue reading

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Gold pulls back, silver rallies, more risk-on

I’m really glad I shifted my stance on gold miners two weeks ago from really bullish to expecting a minor pullback. I went from being significantly long options in gold miner stock (and silver) to selling all of those, buying … Continue reading

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Putting money to work in a bear market

Whatever you think about the directions of the market, or the potential gains versus the potential dangers, you can’t keep a heavy cash allocation forever. At some point you have to put it to work. While I’m talking about market … Continue reading

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Continuing per plan

I’m not going to write a full post today – a lot was going on at work, and there’s a lot to catch up in the markets. However, I wanted to say that I did act per plan. I bought … Continue reading

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Planning for lower risk returns

I am a bit spooked about where markets will go the end of the quarter.  Powell was understandably nervous about the economy in his speech on Wednesday – and he even the federal reserve even made its first token purchase … Continue reading

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Taking some risk off the table

Here are some of the major charts I’m looking at… It seems like we’re at an inflection point.  The S&P 500 pulled below the 20-day moving average, the IWM pulled well below and re-tested it’s 50-day, successfully so far.  Gold … Continue reading

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Time to watch and wait as the market climbs along with risks

I started commuting into work a bit this week, driving in Wednesday and Thursday.  This has tended to make my trading and thoughts on it a bit more erratic, for better or for worse, as I spend more time on … Continue reading

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Market Snaphot: It still looks bullish, for now.

I’ll start today with where we’re at.  Basically, after two days of selling we’re re-testing the 20-day moving averages of the SPY (S&P 500) and NDAQ (Nasdaq), and they found support at those levels.  The IWM (Russell 2000) tested it’s … Continue reading

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