What the world thinks of a president Trump

A friend asked me about what the world leaders think of dealing with President Trump.  She said it seemed a disaster from the perspective of the Washington Post.  I reminded her that the US media is owned by the corrupt political elite class, which gives a biased US-Centric perspective on everything.  British media tends to be much more fair and balanced, particularly when it comes to international affairs.  What I wrote below is gleaned from extensive reading at both theguardian.com and bbc.com the last few days because I was also interested in the question.

Asia: They have their own problems. It’s all about the Honk Kong independence protests in China, the populist Duarte with his heavy-handed war on drugs in the phillipines, and Modi cancelling the equivalent of $10 and $20 bills in order to rein in the black market in India.  
Russia: Most Russians celebrate Trump, they see it more likely that we’ll work together in the Middle East and drop sanctions

Middle East: while the Islamic Turkish president is apprehensive, the secular Egyptian leader was the first to call and congratulate Trump (remember their battles against the Muslim Brotherhood). Israel’s Netanyahu is also thrilled, seeing Obama and Hillary as Muslim appeasers and Trump as an ally.  

Eastern Europe: Apprehensive about Trump supporting NATO. Ukraine is particularly worried. 2 of the 3 baltics have pro-Russian leaders leading in the polls.

England: cordial, eager to continue a “special relationship” with the US, which was put in question when Obama promised continental support in the case of Brexit.

Continental Europe: These guys are worried. Not so much about dealing with Trump as much as losing power at home. Brexit shocked the elite, the Trump over Hillary did as well. The eurosceptics all praised the trend from Marine Le Pen in France to Geert Wilders in the Netherlands, to Beppo Grilla in Italy. Merkel is nervous at the recent and possible future gains of the Alternativ für Deutschland party.  

For South America & Central America, they have their own major problems to worry about – Venezuela’s collapse, Argentinian inflation, weak commodities, weak oil, etc – the US election is an afterthought. 

 Mexico: Trump is meeting with the president down there soon. The Mexican Peso hasn’t been this low vs the dollar since it was stabilized post the 1994 crisis. Neither party wants a collapse of the Mexican economy.


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