Thoughts after Thanksgiving 

It’s weird the things you can think of when going through a lon, slow drive.  I saw some great friends in Ensenada this weekend, staying at Ochentos Pizza where my friends were setting up a brewery.  Very good beer, in fact I ruined my whole Saturday by drinking enough and staying up late enough to be lethargic the whole day. 

Anyways, I’m driving across the border after listening to a great courses series on Exostentialism and thinking about how Kirkegaard’s leap of faith related to ISIS and the terror attacks.  The intellectual idea is that paradoxes, such as an all-powerful all-knowing loving God allowing evil into the world, prompt you to say “I accept this, and believe this even though I can’t understand it fully”, and further steps continue to help your faith grow.  The story of Abraham offering to sacrifice his deeply loved firstborn son in response to a command from God shows how strong his faith had grown.  I heard the professor mention this as an example of how religious morals can overcome natural ones, and I couldn’t help but relate it to the isolated and brainwashed youths hearing the call to mass-murder in the name of ISIS.  

People aren’t evil by nature, but they can certainly be clannish by nature and start to separate insiders vs outsiders on a moral level.  Some people are amoral by nature in that they lack empathy and can hurt others without feeling remorse, but even those people are less common in number.  Anyway, before I switch topics I would like to clarify that I’m not an atheist, just an armchair philosopher.  I believe that human beings are not meant for enormous crowds of strangers in the isolation of a tiny apartment in a concrete jungle … People need a community that is smaller and closer – not just family but a village of friendly faces.  Religion is the best tried and true way of filling that need, and churches that want to grow need to organize group activities that really bring their communities to life.  

After getting home from a long drive and a lethargic couple of days, I found myself feeling rather depressed.  There are always things that you can point at to reinforce that … the insecurity of the new economy, knowing that you’ll likely never be able to afford more than a studio apartment without roommates, that the economy is lousy and it won’t get better, that you’re getting too old to start a family yet you’re still struggling to support just yourself.  It can start to feel real very easy and reinforce a horrid lethargic state.  

I just ran 2 miles at the gym and all of a sudden the cup is half full again. Lots of friends, great family, opportunities to travel … Depression is very much a physical thing.  It seems weird until you try it, but I’m totally serious.  When you’re feeling down, force yourself to get dressed and go to the gym, put on some upbeat music in your headphones, and just run it out.

This has nothing to do with my previous posts or headline title, but I no longer care.  I love to write when I feel inspired, and this site should be renamed Johns Thoughts.  Hope you had a great Turkey Day, I really did even though lethargic over-reflection hit me afterwards.


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