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Is Cyprus a game changer? Followed by thoughts on Gold and the S&P

The “Bailout” of Cyprus ended up badly for a number of reasons. At the core of it is the destruction of the idea of an implied guarantee on bank deposits across the Eurozone. Remember that even large depositors did not … Continue reading

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Recommended article on Royalty Trusts

I’ve been a fan of Royalty Trusts for a while now – particularly after I saw them drop in value last November, following that WSJ article which reminded everyone that these vehicles do have a termination date.  At the time, … Continue reading

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SDR: Termination date contingency pricing

On November 29th, I recommended the Sandridge Mississippian Trust II – ticker SDR – based on the following logic: Sandridge Energy has a website with a link to an investor website specifically for SDR.  In the S-1/A under SEC filings, the trust … Continue reading

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