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Follow-up on yesterday’s post – SDR and Gold

On SDR: After writing on the spectacular fall of WHX, I thought should address one of my recent recommendations which lost substantial value recently:  SDR. Sandridge Energy has a website with a link to an investor website specifically for SDR. … Continue reading

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On the General Market and the Fiscal Cliff:  The market continues to go wild, going down 100 points on the dow by 10am and then up 100 points by the end of the day.  A home sales report this morning … Continue reading

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And the market’s red glare…

I have to admit, I’m quite amazed at how much the market has been dropping since the election. Sure, other things are happening as as well – major strikes across Spain, Portugal and Greece, an Israeli strike in Palestine killing … Continue reading

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What’s happening now?

A new set of US elections was held and determined and over the next 2 days, the DOW dropped 450 points and the S&P dropped about 3.5%, so what gives? Well, starting with America, many analysts are thinking that the … Continue reading


A note on Excelon

After the rather dramatic drop in EXC on Friday, I feel I should do a bit of explaining. Here’s an article that sums it up: Basically, low natural gas prices have led to low energy prices which is squeezing … Continue reading

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