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Gold, Royalty Trusts, and high levels of debt

In my last post I asked about why gold miners aren’t moving up with gold prices.  One obvious answer would be hedging because mining is a very different business than commodity investing.  As I mentioned prior, RGLD purchases royalty trusts … Continue reading

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Why aren’t the Gold miners increasing when gold rises?

I’ve been holding GLD for quite a while now – some since feb 2010 with more added later that year and again in late 2011 – but I haven’t yet been investing in the miners.  I more or less thought … Continue reading

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It’s still a fixed income world

The recent largess or Ben Bernanke, announcing his purchase of $50bn a month ongoing of government guaranteed mortgages probably has many worried about inflation coming ahead. It is certainly worth protecting against, but the liquidity simply isn’t turning into increased … Continue reading

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