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The Housing Market: Supply, Demand and Interest Rates

Rosenberg had a great section on the housing market today, with a lot of useful charts, and I couldn’t resist writing on them here.  I’ll start with the basic conclusions, then explain the supporting charts (all of which are from Dave Rosenberg’s newsletters, … Continue reading

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Economic outlook and investing strategies for the next 5-10 years

I am still bearish on the stock market, believing that the GDP and growth forecasts will continue to be cut, both for the second half of 2010 and those for 2011.  Even then,  I’m picturing a stock market that is … Continue reading

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The unseen victims of US protectionism

I recently read this article by Walter E Williams in the Orange County register and thought it was really interesting: It is about how the US “Obesity Epidemic” is partly due to the enormous amounts of Fructose we consume … Continue reading

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