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Exchange-Traded Debt and Preferred Stocks

Even individual investors should be allocating some of their portfolio in assets other than stocks.  Most people do that through mutual funds or CD’s, which have their disadvantages.  When bonds and preferred stocks are traded on the exchange, it gives individual … Continue reading

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The Tough Situation of the Fed

Ben Bernanke is certainly in a tough position.  It’s often cited that the Fed has a tough balancing act with the dual mandates of promoting ‘full employment’ and ‘low, steady rates of inflation’.  Currently, Bernanke is under intense political pressure … Continue reading

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ECRI Leading Index as an Economic Indicator

This is directly copied and pasted from the Dave Rosenberg newsletter today. I thought you’d find it interesting.

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Stock Indices have Survivorship Bias

Dave Rosenberg’s newsletter mentioned an interesting fact today that we often forget:  There is substantial survivorship bias in the DOW, S&P 500, and other stock indices.  Cleaning out the failures from the S&P 500 such as WaMu, Wachovia, Bear Sterns, … Continue reading

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Cramer and Rosenberg on the recent bounce

I like the money supply increase answer for what’s been driving the market up recently.  The WSJ had an article about individual investors staying out of this one, and it certainly hasn’t been from improving news on the economic front.  … Continue reading

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