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Markets getting more interesting

When you’re bearish, the markets are often boring because short strategies are inherently risky.  They often involve picking a window of time, such as with puts, or paying interest (&dividends if the stock pay’s them) and having margin accounts and a possibility … Continue reading

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This is verbaitim from page 5 of Dave Rosenberg’s daily newsletter on 6/25/2010 (available free at I have to admit that I’m a bit dumbfounded by the complete lack of understanding of bad economics; not only by investors but by … Continue reading

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My Journal

I finally figured out how to make My Journal into a post page, seperate from Market Thoughts, and copied in my old page with the dates.  I can’t say I’m completely happy with it yet – I still want Market … Continue reading

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My Journal

6/09/2010:  It looks like I own BP now – my limit order for 20 shares at $31/share went through today.  I put in another order to buy 25 more if the stock reaches $25/share – and a limit order to … Continue reading

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Deflation, Disinflation or Hyperinflation

I suppose I’m leaving out the possibility of normal planned inflation, with a recovering economy enabling governments to cut debt levels relatively painlessly – but who am I kidding here?  Personally I’m predicting continued disinflation/borderlined deflation for the next couple … Continue reading

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Investment Themes for Today’s Market

Dave Rosenberg has been recommending a cyclical-defensive barbell strategy focusing on US bonds, consumer staples, health care, and defensive stocks on one side, gold and energy on the other – both with an income-oriented focus (interest and dividend yield).  This … Continue reading

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